Chinesen wollen das Erdbebenreaktionssystem verbessern

Chinese Vice President Hui Liangyu - image courtesy

Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu Tuesday urged greater efforts be made to improve the country's Erdbeben emergency response system und fördern Erdbeben safety knowledge among the public.

Efforts should be made to improve emergency plans regarding quake responses and related regulations and laws, and boost the capacity building concerning quake rescue and relief in China, said Hui, while addressing a meeting on Erdbeben safety and disaster reduction here.

He urged government agencies and local authorities to plan the work of quake safety and disaster reduction for the coming five years in a scientific manner.

"The work of quake safety and disaster reduction concerns the safety of people's lives and property, as well as a country's economic development and social stability," Hui said.

He noted that China, with its quick and efficient rescue and relief efforts, had successfully stood the test of a 7.1-magnitude quake and a huge landslide that hit its northwest regions in 2010.

Further, Hui demanded reconstruction work in those disaster-hit zones to be carried on in a down-to-earth manner and urged arrangements be made to ensure people living in those areas have a warm and safe winter and New Year.